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How Many Passports Does Angelina Jolie Hold?

Angelina Jolie, acclaimed actor and humanitarian, isn’t just remarkable for her work on the silver screen but also for possessing one of the most diverse citizenship portfolios in Hollywood. We’re about to embark on an exciting journey, tracing the trail of her global identities. These are not just pieces of paper, but a testament to her deep-rooted global connections. Unraveling the fascinating process through which she obtained these citizenships might inspire and educate those dreaming of becoming world citizens.

A Shimmering Star Beyond Borders

Known primarily for her acting prowess, Angelina Jolie is a multi-dimensional personality who has gained immense admiration for her dedicated humanitarian work as well. Her talent, her voice, and her philanthropic endeavors are recognized worldwide, making her an ideal candidate for countries to welcome as a citizen. From adopting children globally to supporting charitable initiatives, Jolie’s actions have created a unique tapestry of citizenships that transcends the conventional.

Cambodia: Citizenship By Exception

Jolie’s relationship with Cambodia goes beyond the ordinary. Her oldest adopted child hails from this country, and she pledged a significant $5 million to a charity in western Cambodia’s Battambang province. This dedication to Cambodia’s welfare, combined with her international standing, likely earned her exceptional citizenship granted through the country’s king, often reserved for special cases. Her Cambodian citizenship allows her to buy land in the country and enjoy travel privileges within the ASEAN region. Read more about Cambodia’s citizenship rules.

Power of Birthright in Namibia

An intriguing aspect of Jolie’s citizenship puzzle lies in her strategic choice of birthplace for her first biological daughter: Namibia. This African country, like most in the Americas, confers citizenship by virtue of birth within its borders. Jolie’s decision allowed her daughter to enjoy dual citizenship of the US and Namibia, offering her unique travel opportunities within southern and western Africa.

The Case of Jolie’s Twins

Unlike Namibia, France grants citizenship based on parental nationality rather than birthplace. As such, when Jolie’s twins were born in Nice, France, they did not receive French citizenship. Nevertheless, they were declared honorary citizens of Nice, a title carrying more symbolic than practical weight.

The Bosnian Chapter

Jolie’s citizenship journey expands to Bosnia and Herzegovina, another citizenship she holds. This came about after she attended the Sarajevo Film Festival and supported a movie she directed about the Bosnian War. Such an exceptional citizenship, granted without a residence requirement, signifies the country’s appreciation of her contributions and stature. The Bosnian passport offers some unique travel advantages, such as visa-free entry into Russia and China. Discover more about Bosnian citizenship.

Universal Lessons from Jolie’s Citizenship Journey

While not everyone can replicate Jolie’s method of acquiring global citizenship, it does offer a window into possibilities. Every country has different citizenship requirements, and exploring these may open unexpected doors. High-profile figures like Jolie often garner special treatment due to their ability to bring positive attention to these countries. However, it’s important to remember that significant contributions, not just star power, could lead to exceptional citizenship opportunities.

Angelina Jolie’s diverse citizenship portfolio, and that of her family, is an eclectic blend of strategy, global connections, and dedicated efforts. Her experience offers intriguing insights into the nuances of global citizenship, reminding us that the world, indeed, is a vast, interconnected place.