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Airbnb bans Lauren Southern’s PARENTS for the crime of being ‘closely associated’ with her

Airbnb has banned the parents of conservative filmmaker and commentator Lauren Southern from using their service. Southern, known for her conservative political views, took to Twitter to share the news and posted the notice she received from Airbnb.

The notice stated that her parents’ account had been removed due to their close association with someone who is not allowed to use Airbnb. Southern’s parents were reportedly planning a romantic getaway and were shocked to learn that their connection to Southern resulted in their ban.

The notice from Airbnb did not reveal the reason behind Southern’s ban, but stated that the decision was made for the safety of the community. Southern, however, expressed her disappointment with the decision and questioned the rationale behind it. She stated that her parents are not involved in the political world and are not publicly political in any way. In an interview with The Post Millennial, Southern said, “My parents are not involved in the political world. They were planning a romantic getaway at a small cabin through Airbnb and were shocked to hear their relation with me resulted in their booking and accounts being shut down.”

Airbnb has policies in place to address health and safety, as well as combating hate, harassment, and discrimination. However, the ban on Southern’s parents has raised questions as to whether Airbnb is holding family members accountable for the political views of other family members.

This raises concerns about Airbnb’s stance on freedom of speech and political views, and whether the company only allows people with views that align with their executives to use the service.

In conclusion, the ban on Southern’s parents has sparked a debate about the role of corporations and the limits of free speech. Southern’s statement that the cruelty and authoritarianism of the current corporate and political regime has no bounds reflects the growing concern among individuals about the power and influence of corporations on their lives and freedoms.