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Introducing The Global Citizen Podcast

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As global citizens, we thrive on the intersection of exploration, personal freedom, and the intricacies of international systems. Tapping into these elements is the newly launched podcast, The Global Citizen. Hosted by Elliott Vance, the show dives deep into topics of liberty, taxes, and the ethos of personal freedom. Imagine traversing the globe from the comfort of your own space, exploring hidden corners of the world, and learning how to navigate the complexities of global taxation systems. If you have a yearning for adventure, a love for learning, and a respect for individual rights, The Global Citizen Podcast is your ticket to a journey of enlightenment and empowerment.

The Core Philosophy of The Global Citizen Podcast

The Global Citizen Podcast is not merely a travel or tax advice show; it’s a platform that promotes a philosophy of personal freedom and responsibility. Inspired by the philosophies of thinkers like Milton Friedman, Rothbard, and Hayek, host Elliott Vance shares his beliefs in personal liberty and the lessons he’s learned from his global travels. The show explores how different governments respect or disregard these values, discussing various systems of governance, currency management, and approaches to entrepreneurship. Through these conversations, listeners gain a nuanced understanding of how to live a life of freedom, regardless of their geographical location.